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Apply for Junior Blog Editor

DisNeteers, we are ever-growing with some amazing members! As such, we are in need of a Junior Blog Editor to help our Head of Communications continue running the blog! This role would include working with our Communications Coordinator, our Head of Communications, and other DisNet team members to aid in the blogging process. This process involves editing, reviewing, and proofreading materials as well as helping to create blog posts that amazing Disney Studies scholars send our way. If you have experience working on a blog, creating creative content, and familiarity with website development - this volunteer position is for you!

If you're interested, fill out this form to apply for the position by February 29, 2024.

Do you have any exprience with website creation/management?
Do you have any exprience with with writing on/for websites?
Do you have any exprience with with creating web content?

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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