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DisNet Annual Conference

Disney in a Time of Global Transformation

24-28 June 2024

2024 Conference Overview Schedule:

Due to some difficulties with our emailing services, we have linked the schedule overview here. If you require access to the Zoom links or Discord Services, please email

Conference Theme:

How can, and how should, we use the study of The Walt Disney Company to examine the global era in which we live: a time of tremendous change in terms of how we communicate and understand one another? How is Disney revising itself and its properties to stay relevant in our ever-changing world? What does it mean to “keep moving forward” in a time of cultural re-framing and de-colonialism? 


As Walt Disney said: “Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” Disney is constantly on the move, transitioning and transforming as they develop and market the next big thing. As Disney continues to acquire more of the media market, they craft something new: a globalized cultural cauldron with a Disneyfied sheen. To address these questions and issues, the upcoming Disney, Culture and Society Research Network Conference aims to open up a conversation around how Disney survives and thrives while continuously adapting to the glocal media industry. 

We are aware of the current state of the world with the Covid-19 pandemic, the financial precarity of scholars, and the environmental harm and the difficulties of procuring visas for international travel. We want to make this conference as accessible to as many different Disney scholars as possible, so this will be a free online conference.

Using Discord

We will be using Discord as our hub throughout the conference. While our panels, roundtables and other events will be hosted on Zoom, Discord is where you will be able to continue the conversation after a given event, network with other attendees, and otherwise discuss all things Disney! If you are registered to attend the conference, you should have received a link to join the Discord through email. If you did not, please email to receive the link.


To get started, you will need to log in or register for a Discord account (if you are new to Discord, register here first!). When you click the link above to join the server, you will be prompted to answer a few questions as a part of our onboarding process. This will help configure your account so that you get the best experience possible. Once you have joined, have a look around, introduce yourself and get to know some of our other conference attendees. We recommend that you do this ahead of the conference in case of any technological issues on the day.


For the best Discord experience, you will need:

  • A device that is connected to the internet, either by ethernet or WiFi.

  • A computer with the Discord Desktop App downloaded (if you need to download Discord you can do so here). You can, of course, use a mobile device or tablet, but we encourage using a computer for ease of access.

  • We encourage you to change your server profile name to your actual name so that attendees know who they are talking to. You can do this by (1) click on your name in the members list; (2) click on the pencil icon in the pop out; (3) click ‘Edit Server Profile’ in the dropdown menu; (4) edit your ‘Server Nickname’.


In Discord you can create your own personalised schedule – plan ahead and make sure you don’t miss the events you want to attend! At the top of the channels’ menu on the Discord server, there is a tab titled ‘Events’. In this area you can register your interest for each event you want to attend and receive a reminder for when it is about to begin. You will be able to access all the zoom links here, as well as in the programme.


Using Zoom

All of our events will be hosted on Zoom. Please make sure you download Zoom onto your device (again, preferably a computer) ahead of the conference. You can download Zoom here. During presentations, please make sure you are muted and follow the instructions of the event chair to ensure the best experience for all.


Code of Conduct

Please make sure to familiarise yourself with our Mousekeeping policies (aka our code of conduct) which is available, in full, here. You can also read this via Discord or in our programme.


Presenter Information
  • If you are presenting your work at the conference, please make sure your prepared paper is no longer than 15-minutes if you are on a panel of 4 presenters, or no longer than 20-minutes if you are on a panel of three presenters. If you are on a roundtable, please make sure your opening remarks are no longer than 5 minutes. We have a very full schedule and event chairs will be making sure we stay to time.

  • If you plan on presenting audio/visual during your presentation, we strongly recommend practicing on Zoom beforehand with a colleague or friend. 

  • Presenters will be able to join the Zoom call 10-minutes before the start time of the event. Please make sure you join ahead of the start time to meet your event chair and test any audio/visual content.



If you have any questions, concerns or need assistance, Discord is a good place to reach out to us. Make sure you tag @organisers in your message to make sure we see it! Alternatively, you can email


To let the community know you are presenting and meet other scholars, please use #DisNet2024 and tag us in your posts:

Consider joining DisNet today! Whilst the DisNet Conference is free and online, only DisNet members will be able to view conference recordings in our Members Area for the month between mid July and mid August. If you are not currently a member of DisNet, but would like access to the conference recordings, please do consider joining the DisNet community. There are a range of benefits of joining DisNet, including mentorship and member events throughout the academic year. You can learn about the year-round benefits of membership and sign up for a membership here

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