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Request Dues Assistance

While our membership tier system is designed to make DisNet membership as accessible as possible to everyone, regardless of a person's employment status, we understand that the fees may still be untenable for some folks. If you feel like your situation fits these parameters, please fill out the form below with your name, email address, why you're requesting assistance, and how a DisNet membership will affect your research and/or career. You do not need to disclose any more information than you feel comfortable with the Heads of Membership/Mentoring (Heather Holian) and Operations (Rebecca Rowe) knowing, as they will be the ones evaluating requests (your information will otherwise be confidential). 


The due assistance is funded by donations from DisNet members, so we may not be able to grant all requests (or the same number or for the same members each year). We will evaluate requests as they come in using the following criteria:


  • Are the dues an undue burden on the requester?

  • Is the requester unable to secure these funds from other sources (e.g., their university) or are they unaffiliated with an institution? 

  • Will not being a DisNet member in some way harm the career of the requester, as a student, a scholar, or a job candidate?

  • Will the requester benefit from the larger DisNet community? Or does the requester lack a Disney Studies support system outside DisNet (e.g., a graduate student who has no one who works on Disney in their department or a scholar without peers in Disney Studies at their institution)?

  • Does the requester live in an area of the globe currently underrepresented in the field of Disney Studies?

Thanks for submitting!
We’ll get back to you shortly.

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