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Want to Write for DisNet? Here's how!

Updated: Mar 11

By Bee Eldridge


If you're interested in writing about all things Disney, this is the blog for you!

We are in search of critical engagement, discussion, and even news on all things Disney and Disney-related.

This includes Lucasfilm, the Star Wars Franchise, Marvel, and MORE! Anything Disney acquired, or Disney related. We are looking for things on merchandising, marketing, history, films, media, etc. ANYTHING Disney!

We are an ever-expanding blog constantly searching for posts, written editorials, analyses, film/tv/book reviews, and more!

If interested, we encourage you to email our Head of Communications, and Blog Editor, Bee Eldridge at

This email should be titled 'DisNet Blog Submission: [Insert Topic of Submission]'

The contents of the email should include your name, email address, and a brief abstract of 150-250 words of the proposed blog post (no matter what type!).

The blog should be less than 3,000 words (excluding the bibliography), please make sure it is in Chicago Author-Date with a references page. There should be no footnotes. Please check out the Marvellous Alice Blog as an example. If it is ready to go, then email Bee!

If selected, you'll then receive an email from our editor with the blog style guidelines and more!

Do you want to do an interview? Or be interviewed? Is there a Disney academic work you would love to see on our website? Email Bee!

We're always in search of adding to our segments and more to come (sign up for the DisNet Newsletter to see!)

Simply email Bee at with the email titled 'DisNet Blog Submission: [Insert Topic of Submission]'

We look forward to hearing from you!

~ Bee and the editorial team


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